The Samsung Galaxy 4 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy 4 Release Date

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Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy 3 release date was around May/June 2012, but as is always the case, as soon as a shiny new phone comes out, everyone starts asking when the next version is coming out. So just when is the Samsung Galaxy 4 release date? Well there’s been no set date yet, but sometimes by looking backwards to the past we can get a better idea of the future. So lets look at the previous Galaxy releases:

  • Samsung Galaxy – Released June 2009
  • Samsung Galaxy S – Released June 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy S II – Released May 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy S III – Released May 2012

Not exactly rocket science is it? I’m proclaiming it here first! The Samsung Galaxy 4 release date is May/June 2013.

If you want to look forward to something in the near future, there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which comes out next month (October 2012) and includes a 1.6Ghz Quad Core processor, 8 Megapixel camera, 2 Gigabytes of RAM, can record in High Definition 1080p and comes in  16, 32 or 64 Gigabytes of storage space.


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  • Dunc says

    2012-09-04 07:19:03

    Just give me jellybean for the S3, jellybean I tells ya! Then I’ll be happy… Oh, and while I’m here, when do you think the S5 will come out?

  • Josef says

    2012-09-21 03:55:32

    This is a total guess! They haven’t announced anything.


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