The Future Of Underwear?

The Future Of Underwear?

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Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013

Were in a constant state of digitization, whereby electronics, sensors and CPU’s are slowly being integrated into more and more everyday objects. It started with smart phones then moved to smart TVs, fridges, sun glasses, tables e.g. Microsoft Surface and now we’re onto clothing and today we’re talking about the most fun piece of clothing… underwear!

Durex have gone all experimental and have created underwear that simulates touching from someone who could be kilometres away. Small vibrating motors are connected to different points of your underwear and then using a mobile phone app you can choose which part vibrates with the click of an icon. This is going to be great fun for couples, where you send a reminding ‘touch’ while they’re busy at work or doing a speech… amusing.

Check out the future of underwear -Durex’s Fundawear- below:

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